In Dialogue

In Dialogue is an international consultancy and training organisation, specialised in the communicative and relational aspects of organisational life. It has a vast international experience across Europe and beyond, offering after education to educational professionals, consulting, leadership development and development of educational materials and methods.

It has been founded in 2007 and has currently 7 partners (yet on project basis involves also additional consultants). It is based in Netherland, yet works European/ internationally, and has subsidiary offices in Austria and Denmark. In 2019 (pre-covid) the organisation delivered trainings to 980 people and consulted over 27 organisations/ businesses/ schools.
The main services are:

  • Professional (after) education
  • Consultation to organisations, teams and communities (in relation to strategic development, evaluation processes, conflict mediation and much more)
  • Development of leadership and consultant/ trainer competences
  • Coaching of individuals and teams (supervision)
  • Educational and change methodologies and curricula/ programmes


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