ANCI Umbria

ANCI Umbria is the regional association of the National Association of Italian Municipalities. It is a unitary association with a national character. ANCI Umbria was born in 1974 and today comprises 91 Umbrian municipalities. Works for the implementation of the constitutional principle of local self-government and, in particular, represents the general interests of members and local self-government. Provides support to its members in the dialogue with regional autonomies, with the national Association and with other institutions. Through its representatives, ANCI Umbria is the voice of the Umbrian municipalities and provides a support and advice service for members, in connection with any similar initiatives at national level. Maintains continuous and constant relations with the national ANCI, taking the appropriate initiatives of proposal in order to contribute to the choices of a general nature. Over the last few years, Anci Umbria has animated and coordinated the public and private territorial network in the presentation of some projects and has carried out, through regional, national and European funds, interventions on immigration (also with Fami Projects), integration, tourism and promotion of the territory, civil protection; health, social, safety, training.


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